Getting to the shop

Our shop is a space within a much larger building. GPS will get you to the front of the building easily. The shop is actually located on the very far side of the building. The shop has no outward facing windows so we can't see you when  you get here. Follow these steps and you'll find your way in no problem.

  1. Set your GPS to 38 Haywood street in Greenfield MA, 01301 (click here for map)

  2. Park wherever you can in the parking lot.

  3. Look around, you'll see signs for "911 Training" "Crocker Communications" and "Aromatic Fillers". If you see any of those signs you're very close.

  4. Walk towards the other side of the building (see diagram below). Once you get around the corner you'll see a pair of loading docks and a door. On that door is a doorbell. Press it and it'll call someone in the building to let you in. (If the doorbell is not working or missing call 413 315 4522)